kuznetsovsite.com - профессиональная разработка сайтов - Web development. Professional programmer. I can create site.

Welcome to the site.

I am glad to see you. My name is Sergey Kuznetsov. Professional PHP, nodejs, javascript programmer.

The main line of my business  - the web development!
I develope  web sites of any complexity: from small site-presentations to complex projects (social portals, online stores).
You can find my works on the page Portfolio

The advantages of building sites:

  • The quality and beauty at a reasonable price. The cost of developing sites less, because there are no costs for office rent. The second reason is that in Russia, the programmers are paid less than in Europe or the USA.
  • Do not get lost and do not disappear without a trace.
    I try to do the job on time. Do not worry. I don't perish and will try to do the job as quickly as possible.
  • Responsibility. I'm working with full dedication and willingness